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  • Big-jim-foodguardian:Ratings out of 5ive:
    Decor 4
    Sushi 4
    Sashmi 3.5
    Appetizers 3.5
    Hot Entrees 3.5
    Japanese Specials 3
    Desserts 3
    Great service and value, will return.

    Checkout full review @
    2011-02-11 11:24:29
  • New Hockey Sushi Lover:Hi...

    Do you think it would possible to post the dinner menu online as well?
    Think people would really appreicated it !!

    Thanks in advance
    New Hockey Sushi Lover
    2011-02-05 02:15:03
  • Kelly:can't wait to eat there this Friday for lunch. Please post your lunch hours on the website.2011-01-20 07:05:16

    Admin replied: Hi Kelly. Lunch buffet is till 3:30pm for most of our locations2011-01-31 05:32:38

  • Babycleary:Just wondering if you have many or any gluten free items to eat??2010-11-27 04:59:47

    Admin replied: Actually just Tempura & soy sauce contain buck wheat. Rest of items are gluten free.2011-01-31 05:35:56

  • Jakintity:Hi all. How are you?2010-11-02 08:19:36
  • Ben:We heard from a friend that it is quite good... going to try it this week.2010-09-20 03:22:26
  • TTO'Brien:We love coming to Hockey Sushi! The staff is always accomodating, attentive and helpful. And the food is excellent and always fast! I love maki, and always try new ones (haven't had a bad one yet) and my husband doesn't eat fish- but can always find things to eat. Since we only live 5 min away from Hockey, we always try to stop by at least once a month. Highly recommend it to all our friends and co-workers! It is by far the best sushi we have had in the K-W area.2010-06-23 09:46:50
  • Helleojagasip:Hi VEry nice posts i'sure i'sts nice2010-06-19 06:37:15
  • Nikki:HOCKEY SUSHI IS THE BEST.2010-06-13 05:18:45
  • jack xiao:you are the best.2010-05-07 12:26:00
  • VIP #1:We love California Rolls with and without cucumbers :P

    By the way, we did some research and found that many people want to try California rolls with diced cucumber instead of the slices of cucumber.

    2010-04-27 08:00:17
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